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Interactive Features in Learning Applications Are Expected to Be Able to Prevent Learning Loss

The government has postponed the implementation of face-to-face education during the Implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) which applies in seven provinces on the island of Java-Bali and 15 districts/cities outside Java-Bali for the new academic year 2021/2022.

The Head of the Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ristek Hendarman, stated that schools from PAUD to higher education in areas that implement Emergency PPKM will continue to implement distance learning (PJJ).

PJJ has been going on for about a year, but in the field there are still challenges that lead to the problem of learning loss.

Learning loss, according to The Education and Development Forum (2020), is a situation where students lose knowledge and skills that occur due to prolonged gaps or the absence of the educational process.

"To be able to maximize effective PJJ practice, students can take advantage of learning content that has been provided by the government as a result of collaboration with several learning content providers," said Policy Analyst for Young Experts, Dit. SMA, Kemendikbudristek, Dr. Junus Simangunsong.

In order to seek optimization of the distance learning process, strategic and real steps from various parties are the main needs so that students can get out of the threat of learning loss.

The Role of Edtech Startups
Edtech startup Quipper said their role was not limited to providing additional teaching materials.

Quipper Indonesia's Business Strategy and Growth Senior Manager, Ruth Ayu Hapsari, said that to help students understand teaching materials, interactive learning with full support can help students maximize teaching and learning activities more effectively.

"Basically this year we want to be able to provide an even better online learning experience for students so that they can help the student learning process become more optimal, both when studying from home or during the transition back to face-to-face learning," said Ayu.

This, Ayu said, was done by adding additional interactive features and offering a more complete learning package.

"Through the Ask Tutor and Live Class features which are included in all Quipper packages, it is hoped that students can be further assisted in the independent learning process," said Ayu.

Welcoming the new academic year 2021/2022 Quipper has launched more diverse learning packages and offers free Ask Tutor and Live Class features in all of its learning packages for junior high to high school students.

Quipper New Features
Quipper also presents a series of supporting features to increase the convenience and ease of student learning. There are several new features such as topic recommendations, video zooming, and dark mode.

Students who wish to take advantage of the Ask a Tutor feature can select the subjects they wish to discuss with a Quipper tutor for the 12 available subjects. Students can submit questions in the form of images or files in the form of ppt, word, or pdf., and can also ask more than one subject at the same time.

Since 2015 the company permainan togel colok bebas claims Quipper Video has helped more than 7.7 million students from all over Indonesia to be able to maximize their learning activities.

"We will continue to take strategic and concrete steps as well as cooperation from various parties to help students achieve better results so that they can get out of the threat of learning loss which is currently a concern for all of us," said Ruth.

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