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Allegedly not accepting being asked to wear a mask, COVID-19 denialist shoots gas station attendant in Germany

German politician announced on Tuesday 21 September 2021 about the murder of a gas station attendant after arguing over masks, saying that violent COVID-19 deniers would not be tolerated.

The murder that took place in the western city of Idar-Oberstein, Germany on Saturday night has made headlines, as quoted from News 24, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

Prosecutors said the 20-year-old gas station cashier had asked a 49-year-old man who wanted to buy beer to comply with the rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, by wearing a mask.

The customer refused and left, but he came back again wearing the mask he pulled off when he approached the gas station cashier.

Prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann said the assailant pulled out a gun and shot the cashier in the head from the front. The victim fell to the floor and died instantly.

The suspect later turned himself in at the police station, saying the COVID-19 restrictions were stressing him out, Kai Furhmann said. The perpetrator is currently in custody.

Denying Corona Virus COVID-19 Must Be Fighted
The killings come a week before federal elections in which the far-right alternative party to Germany (AfD) has tried to woo voters with an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine campaign.

The party, with about 11 percent in the poll, hosts many of the COVID-19 deniers.

On Tuesday, a number of politicians responded to messages circulating on social media from far-right groups and so-called "Querdenkers" (lateral thinkers) denying the COVID-19 coronavirus, and showing sympathy for the killer.

"The hatred and incitement coming from these uneducated people is dividing our community and killing people. They have no place in our society," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who said Querdenker was celebrating the killing.

Justice pentingnya togel data dalam prediksi hasil Minister Christine Lambrecht said it was disgusting how the killings had been misused to incite hatred.

"The state must fight the radicalization of the Corona COVID-19 deniers who dare to use violence in every possible way," he said.

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